Friday, November 10, 2006

Fred's class

The gentelman with the beard is Fred. This is his class. Click on the comment for a great Fred story.


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So Fred is one of my studio mates. We have a co-op. There are about twelve of us. This is great because while working you can listen in to informative conversations about art ;-). Fred teaches portraiture, pastels and oils. Lyle, one of my other studio mates was taking Fred's class and Fred was giving him some extra pointers.

A brief charecter sketch for those who don't know Lyle or Fred. Lyle is quite a good pastelist but sometimes he picks at paintings with his pastels instead of making big clean marks. Fred is something of a gentle giant. He has this big booming friendly voice.

We're all painting along. Fred and Lyle are chattering in the background. Radios are playing. Coffee is perking. When out of nowhere we hear Fred's voice booming "For god's sake Lyle, just hold it by the tip and stroke it."

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