Friday, November 10, 2006

New Trick, Sorta

I don't want to clutter up the blog with a lot of text. But for any art geeks Fred Miller pointed out an interesting technical point to me. I'll stick it in the comment in case anyone else has run into the same problem.



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So, I run into this problem alot. I paint figures but people who buy paintings like them to be fairly anonymous if they aren't a portrait of someone they know. I'd like to put in more faces, they're fun to paint - but how do I keep them of secondary interest to the rest of the picture. So painting the smaller version of this I was beating my head against a wall, trying to keep the face undeveloped enough that it didn't attract too much attention but developed enough that it didn't look hokey. I gave up and went next door for coffee.
Fred was running his class, oil and pastel. He was holding up this painting pointing out that the shaded side of the face was modelled with temperature changes rather than value changes.
Have you ever had one of those "Well duh" moments. So I tried it on the smaller version- and it worked really well. The face melds into the background value but if you look at it the face is also very three-dimensional. It freaked Josh out because he had a hard time keeping focused on the face when he tried ( a little too successful ).
So I'm trying the same trick on a bigger scale. To control it I'm doing it in two layers. The bottom layer has the warm and cool really exagerated. The warm has alot of red in it and the cool has alot of purple. The next layer goes over the whole area and is basically yellow. I'll post that tomarrow. I've always thought of using underpaintings to establish value- this is the first time I've tried it to establish a subtle temperature shift.
Thanks Fred.

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